responsible remodelingIn 1986 the present owner, John A. Rothe, being a siding installer at the time, founded the company under the name Responsible Siding. The name “Responsible” was chosen to stress the ideal qualities of a home improvement contractor i.e.: Trustworthy, Honest, dealing with integrity, accountable, attributes that are too often lacking in the home improvement field.

As a result of referrals and repeat business, the company gradually came to specialize in the complete package including roofing, siding, windows, doors, kitchens, bathrooms additions and more. The name was changed to Responsible Remodeling in 1995 to reflect the full range of services offered.

Responsible Remodeling: Constantly Improving

Responsible Remodeling has maintained the same approach regardless of project type including “no pressure” sales presentations that are complete and informative. They are also one of the few companies left that does not sub contract their work. That has enabled them to develop good people into dependable, hardworking, talented craftsman that care about their company and their customers. Long Island-based Responsible Remodeling has been constantly improving since 1986, and with over 7000 satisfied customers they are “Responsible” for the best “values” in the business, a strong “Commitment” to customer “Satisfaction” and the highest “Quality” materials and “Workmanship”.